Normally Applied AI

Discovery, design and development of AI applications for some of the world's most important organisations

We apply artificial intelligence to benefit people, society, and the planet for clients including IKEA, NHS and Yohana. We create unique and valuable intellectual property in applied AI. We augment existing products and services with AI capabilities to improve their user experience and enhance performance. We help organisations transform into AI enabled businesses.

Normally is an independent, privately funded team working at the forefront of new applications for emerging technologies. We are highly experimental, interdisciplinary, collaborative and knowledgeable. We have been committed to the research and development of data and AI based systems for the last decade - putting data to good use.

Open positions

We have a number of open positions and are particularly interested in people who are curious about the opportunities and challenges for AI. We explicitly welcome hybrids, generalists and polymaths. If you don't find the right position for you below, please don’t be discouraged. To make a general application, send your portfolio and/or CV to